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Hunan Molyn Technology Co., Ltd. focuses on implementing comprehensive solutions for environmentally friendly treatment of biodegradable packaging. The company fully leverages temperature appropriate aerobic microbialdegradation

technology to achieve the ecological treatment of food waste and disposable packaging containers. It adheres to the concept of degradable waste treatment, emphasizing low carbon

pollution control and developing a Green Circulating Economy. The company strives to accomplish the goals of degradable waste treatment: reduction, harmlessness, and resource

utilization. It aims to build a circular economy industry chain for degradable treatment, starting from the source, and under the background of the “global ban on plastic,” “emission peak,” and”carbon neutrality” to reduce the harm of waste to the natural environment. The company aims to transform waste into

valuable resources and generate greater economic and social benefits. Molyn’s biodegradable composting equipment has entered tens of thousands of households, making unremitting efforts to create a better environment for humanity.

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